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Weekly Menu for the Week Dec 18

Oh my gosh! Can we all just take a moment and inhale…and exhale. Stop what you’re doing and just take a few breaths. I know it’s the week before Christmas and, as usual, I am not done with my Christmas shopping! Josh and I made a plan to be done by the end of November…well, we’re not. So I am going to take a deep breath along with you guys.

What does dinnertime usually look like for you guys around this time in the month of December? If it is the same as it is for us, it’s probably hit or miss. But I’m really aiming to make all of the meals that I’ve planned for this week. I did well last week, and I suspect this week will be the same only because we don’t actually have a lot going on until the weekend.

If your week is like ours, hopefully you will find a few dinner ideas that will help you out a bit! Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Of course, last minute planning and meals are a total thing. We are done with school which means the girls and I will be busy baking later this week – all the cookie goodies – my fave! Here is some Christmas inspo for you, whether you’re cooking or baking.

Have a great (and not too hurried week) friends!