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Weekly Menu for the Week of Mar 18

You guys! I’m going to knock on wood as soon as I type this, but I think (I think) spring has sprung! We’ve had a few days in the 70’s and it is GIVING ME LIFE!!!! Seriously, I can’t even handle how beautiful it is outside. The weather is inspiring this week’s menu so I hope you’re ready.

I share these menus each week so you can have some help with meal planning and offering a bit of variety to your meal plans. I know all too well as a busy mom how hard it can be to plan something different five nights a week, and I want to ease that burden a bit if I can. As for me, I’ve really been cooking from my freezer/pantry these past few weeks, and it has been interesting seeing what I’ve come up with. A lot of it has been experimentation and some of it has been good. Some has been just okay. Some has been meh. Hopefully, you’ll fine something on this week’s menu that you also will enjoy! Nothing meh on the menu. 😀

Here’s what’s cooking this week!

Okay, I know we just celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Before we launch into an Easter meal plan, let’s just have a normal week without a holiday, okay, LOL! Check out my Pinterest board featuring all things BEEF! I don’t know how you feel about it, but I happen to love beef. I can always tell when my body is craving more iron because I start craving beef. Isn’t that funny?!

Have a great week, friends!