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Weekly Menu for the Week of May 20

If you watched my IG stories this morning, then you saw my stories on Josh and I doing a quick weekend dash to Jackson, MS to celebrate our sister graduating with her Master’s degree in Theology! We’re so proud of her and are so glad we were able to make it to the South and celebrate her achievements! But now we’re back and it’s time for this week’s menu…

I mentioned earlier that I would have loved to have already had the weekly menu done and ready to share with you, and I had plans of working on it while I was on the plane home, but I was squeezed in between Josh and another passenger, and I had barely any living space (plus a headache!). So I just opted to read on the plane instead. Do you guys have a preference as to where you sit on a plane? I usually like the window seat even though it makes it harder to get out and use the restroom. Josh likes the aisle because you can get to the restroom easier and get off the plane sooner.

Okay, for the menu this week, I was kind of thinking I was going to be tired from travel (which I am), but also the weather is a little iffy this week. I made a month or so ago this cassoulet and froze it. I have that defrosting in the fridge right now for dinner on Tuesday, so that will make dinner easy that night, and the rest of meals are fairly simple. I just chose meals based off what I had on hand and could easily make this week. Hopefully you find one or two meals that will be easy for you, too!

Memorial Day is next week and I absolutely love any excuse to have a backyard party! They’re my favorite kind of holidays – the kind where we can grill and just eat classic Americana dishes. So I’m sharing my 4th of July and beyond Pinterest board. This board essentially covers Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and such for recipes (think summer grilling season).

Have a great week, everyone!