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Weekly Menu for the Week of Feb 1

Happy February, friends – we’re one month closer to hitting that spring season and I cannot wait for a little more sun! However, here in the north Willamette Valley, if you look closely, you can see buds already starting to take shape on the trees and plants.

Which reminds me, I should probably get outside (or send someone outside…) and rake up the rest of those leaves that came down in the fall and winter. It’s been so wet that I haven’t been able to get it done!

I appreciate your understanding while I took last week off from posting on here. If you missed my post on social media, last weekend we went on a little winter vacation, and after packing my computer and notes, I decided that ya know what – I actually wanted to not have to work through my mini-vacation. It was so nice to simply have that time with my family. I never opened my computer and I let the emails pile up (yikes!). We just played in the snow, read, ate, and rested a bit (even though it was a really short trip).

When we got home, I immediately began focusing on potty-training Ruby and that is almost like its own full time job, as many of you undoubtedly know! In addition to taking time off for vacation, I’ve also decided to scale back some of the social media stuff and focus on helping Ruby be successful. Potty training deserves an extra amount of attention when you focus on that, and I just want to limit some of my distractions. She’s doing well, but it may take some time…and that is okay.

Enough potty talk. On to this week’s menu!

I hope you’re all set for a great week! Before you go grocery shopping, go through your fridge and freezer to see what you’ve got that “could be” on the verge of going in the trash. You could use those items to make these Skinny Veggie Egg Muffins – definitely check out that recipe! Otherwise, let me point you in the direction of my Pantry Recipes board for you to check out and maybe build a menu from.

Have a great week everyone!