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Weekly Menu for the Week of Nov 7

Weekly Menu for the Week of Nov 7

You guys, the amount of wind and rain that we’ve had this week has been unreal, and then on Sunday morning, while we were on our way to church, there were snow flurries in the air!

With that, let me just sing the (completely unsponsored) praises of Boost / InstaCart! For six years I’ve sung the praises of Grocery Pickup (or ClickList, or whatever they call it at your store). That was life-changing. I started using it as soon as it launched with our local Fred Meyer when I was pregnant with Ruby, and it became such a time-saver as well as a budget-helper. Just recently, as in for the last two months, our little rural town just got Instacart available to us through Kroger’s Boost program…and it’s even better! I mean, I don’t think I can go back now!

We used Instacart (or Boost or whatever) to bring us groceries when we vacationed in Sunriver back in September and then these last two weeks that have brought colds and sleepy heads and packed schedules it has saved me again and again. If you have Instacart near you, I highly recommend that you try it out. I’m a busy mom and I know we’re all busy people, and I just want to help make your life a little bit easier.

Beyond that, Josh actually did the math, and with gas prices as high as they are and as far away as we live from the grocery store, we’re straight-up saving money every time we use the service. Wild. Your math and mileage may vary depending on what you drive and where you live…

Here’s what’s on this week’s menu:

I made my homemade chicken noodle soup last Friday, and it made me so excited for soup season. Actually, on Thursday we’re having soup and sandwiches before the kids go to a Fall Festival at our church. Soup and sandwiches make for a yummy dinner that kind of breaks dinner up a bit from the usual chicken or beef (or veggies!). Here are my Pinterest boards for soups and sandwiches to help get you started.